Meet The Real Heroes Of The Tunnel Rescue


Now since the tunnel rescue is over, its time for you all to know the real heroes of the whole ops. Please meet Col. Parikshit Mehra, the man who built strategically very important tunnels like Rohtang, Sela (game changing tunnel in Tawang) and Atal tunnel. He was on leave, he was called immediately after the situation deteriorated.

Col Mehra was picked up in such hurry that he didn’t even got his uniform with him and like a movie he was getting from one aircraft into another to finally reach the tunnel site. It is said that it was Col. Mehra’s assessment that the rescue can only take place through rat miners and manual drilling and it is the same thing which got the result in the end despite moving heavy machinery which didn’t work and failed several time.


Other heroes including Col. Joshi, Col Patil, Brig Joshi, Brig. S.P. Singh and most importantly Lt. General Chandran, Chief of Engineers, Central Command (seating with workers in above pic).


A special thanks appreciation to the rat miners also known as “khodu group” too, they did an outstanding job in the supervision of the Indian Army. It’s heartwarming to see we didn’t lost anybody but learned alot of lessons. GIVE THE CREDIT TO THOSE WHO DESERVES IT !!

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