Valour Day is celebrated each year to commemorate the exceptionally awe-inspiring battle at Sardar Post in Rann of Kuchh, Gujarat, where a mere 2 companies of CRPF repulsed the attack of a full-fledged Pakistani military brigade of about 3500 men of the 51st Infantry of Pakistani Army on 9th April 1965.

The Pakistani Army comprised 18 Punjab Battalion, 8 Frontier Rifles, and 6 Baluch Battalion. Their mission was to capture the Indian territory defended by the post. The post was guarded by two battalions of CRPF, roughly 150 soldiers. Compared to the Pakistani Army, the CRPF soldiers were no match in the arsenal. Additionally, the terrain was disadvantageous for the defending forces.

A fight ensued in which the Pakistani Army made three attempts to overrun the post. But the CRPF soldiers thwarted every attempt with a brilliant display of courage and strategic intelligence.

The battle lasted for 12 hours. In the end, the Pakistani Army fled the battleground leaving behind 34 of their dead, which included two officers. Another four soldiers were captured alive. That night, six brave soldiers of the CRPF made a supreme sacrifice to defend their motherland. There is no other example in history of battles where such a small contingent defeated an entire military brigade and forced them to retreat leaving behind their dead bodies. Ever since the day has been celebrated as Valour Day.

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