New Common Uniform For Brigadier And Above In Army


The Indian Army Tuesday shared photos of the new common uniform for officers of rank Brigadier and above, that they will wear irrespective of the parent cadre and appointment.

All officers of the rank of Brigadier, Maj General, Lt General, and General will wear berets of the same colour, common badges of rank, a common belt buckle, and a common pattern of shoes, and will do away with the lanyards on the shoulders.

They will not be wearing any identifiers, as they do now, which tag them to a specific Regiment or Corps. Shoulder flashes like ‘Special Forces’, ‘Arunachal Scouts’ or ‘Dogra Scouts’ will no longer be used.

“The decision was taken after detailed deliberations during a recently-concluded Army Commanders Conference, and extensive consultations with all stakeholders,” Army officials told. “This will also reinforce the Indian Army’s character to be a fair and equitable organisation,” they added.

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